Aftercare Service

On completion of your installation, we offer a free 1-year aftercare pack to resolve any technical issues or setting changes which may need to be made, e.g., security/lighting scenes. Following the first year, we offer various service contracts to suit your needs.


We believe that the handover of a project is not the end, but the beginning of a lasting relationship. As technology advances year after year, we maintain contact with our clients, helping ensure that they are always able to enjoy the latest and greatest of what our industry has to offer.


Aftercare is never just an afterthought. We believe that prevention is always better than cure and that the investments our clients make in their systems should provide convenience and enjoyment for years to come with the minimum possible downtime.


As part of one of our aftercare service care packages, Sprint Solution will keep you up to date with any relevant software/firmware updates via regular preventative maintenance, proactively monitoring and maintaining our clients' technology to the same high standards with which they are installed. With the latest technologies of remote monitoring, we can look after your system remotely and make necessary updates. As many items do nowadays and on rare occurrences products can develop a fault. If this happens, we will only be a phone call away for you to book a service appointment, on the provision that we have done the installation.



Even if you are a client that is coming over to us from another smart home installer, no matter the reason, Sprint Solution is committed to providing all our clients old and new with the highest possible standard of customer service. We would have to charge an initial site assessment fee for our engineer to ensure, your instalments are to a standard that we can take charge of. Upon a detailed site evaluation, we will explain to you what care service packages we may potentially provide you based on our assessment. We want you to be completely satisfied with our takeover and so strive to provide a skilled engineer to ensure that any work that needs to be resolved is advised to you and completed, before taking over your site maintenance service contract.



Sprint Solution offers an Extended Maintenance Package to all clients, in addition to our various after-service care packages, standard rapid call-out response and customer product guarantee. This is a particularly popular purchase of commercial clients, helping to further protect advanced installations with quarterly checks, preventative maintenance work and the planned replacement of ageing parts.