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For the most part, window and door sensors function in the same manner. Window sensors are activated by opening a window, as opposed to motion sensors, which rely on motion to set off an alarm.


A security system is the best option if you truly want to keep your house safe; in fact, houses with security systems have a 300% lower chance of being broken into. A comprehensive home security system includes window sensors, which add an additional degree of security and comfort.


Window and door sensors integrate with other smart devices and features as part of a smart home automation system to help safeguard your family and house.


All of them have advantages, and the system you select for your home depends on your preferences. With the help of our engineers and years of experience, we can assist you in making that choice. Certain manufacturers allow you to discreetly conceal your thermostats, which can help reduce the amount of clutter on your walls. We can work with your qualified installers and builders to integrate smart climate control and support them in system planning, or our engineers and our partnered certified gas, electric and plumbers can help with system planning as well.